The Self-Care Sessions: Your Inner Voice

A wise woman once told me:

“If you want your life to be different in any way – more fun, more enriching, more challenging, more fulfilling – the answer to ‘how’ begins with you.”

Your Inner Voice is a three-week jumpstart to your emotional glow-up. Get to know yourself, inside and out, through a series of engaging activities, surprises in the mail and yes, community support.

Students will receive:

• 3 weeks of "Inner Work," quick daily exercises (less than 30 minutes each) that shift your mindset and allow you to evolve into a more confident version of yourself. I’m bringing you exercises that are actually fun to complete and easy to fit into your day-to-day life. 

•1-hour of group coaching time with me, where you can share your biggest personal self-care dilemma and I will help you formulate a plan to address it.

•1 "Just for You" care package ($20+ value), filled with items to remind you of your worth and to pamper yourself just a bit.

Who is this for? This course has been developed for the woman who:

  • Tends to be Ms. "Everything to Everybody"
  • Feels a tugging sense that there is more to life than what she's currently experiencing
  • Has mini emotional breakdowns multiple times per year, only to slap "the mask" back on and pretend everything is fine
  • Needs guidance on not only how to avoid burnout, but how to actually THRIVE 

If this speaks to you, the Self-Care Sessions are the place for you to get clarity on what you need from your life, under the guidance of a coach who has both the classroom training and the personal experience to get you there. 

About Your Instructor

Tara Jefferson

Tara Jefferson

Your Self-Care Coach

Teaching self-care to women is what I do. And I do it because I know what happens when women neglect themselves.

As a self-care coach and speaker, I regularly engage more than 600 women in my daily coaching group. I also run the Bloom Beautifully box, a self-care subscription service. I am a family life educator with  a Master's degree in human development and family studies. It is a privilege to sit in the front row as women discover who they really are.

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